How to develop creative energy?

You need creative energy to write, to draw, to paint, to play a musical instrument and to do other creative activities!

But how do you become creative?

As I told, it’s all in the neural network.

Let’s say you want to be a poet.

Then your duty is to create one poem each day for a year and increase the poem count as you become comfortable writing that one poem.

You open up a blog, or medium account but don’t write in facebook because your poems will be lost when they’ll ban you.

When you start being creative you get some sort of inertia.

You need inertia and momentum because that will permit you to write more. If you like to draw – take your smartphone and make a video while drawing – each day 1 video and you’ll have 365 videos after a year – publish those videos on youtube. People love to see how other folks draw.

When you pick your art. You have to commit to your art and discipline yourself to write, draw, to create one piece a day.

When you’ll create one piece a day after few months you should get momentum and inertia. The more you create – the better it is for your art. Because in art quantity is what makes quality.

If you’re a writer – you gotta write and write and write.

If you’re a painter – you gotta paint and paint and paint.

There is no other way.

When you practise your body to create it becomes easier to create as long as you have the momentum. If you’ll pause your creation – then it’ll be a bit harder to get on track.

The more you create – the easier it becomes to create and don’t worry at this point that you’re creating garbage no one likes.

At first year, in writing – couple of years, you’ll be creating garbage, but that’s because your art hasn’t matured yet. After sometime when your art matures – you’ll then create awesome pieces.

All artists need recognition, while the artist isn’t recognized – nobody will love his art. Period.

Nobody’s born creative, we all develop our creative habits.