How to achieve a goal successfully.

Goal setting is never a hard thing.

I say you can achieve most goals you can imagine. But you have to be positive. Many commercial goals take upto 8 years to achieve.

My friend has started a youtube channel and 4 years nobody was watching his League of Legends videos. He does best moment compilations.

Many people settle for less, because let’s admit achieving a commercial goal is hard.

I want to be a paid blogger. I teach how to rebel. I can also teach how to be successful because I don’t work and somehow I survive.

First step to achieving a goal is to set yourself a goal. It can be anything. And then everyday you work with your goal. Even if you’ll make 1% progress each day, at the end of a year you’ll be 365% closer to your goal.

If I were you, I would take up on a big goal. Something that would last a decade or more.

You take a big goal and split it into subgoals so you could measure your progress. Because sometimes goals are so big you can’t even measure your progress.

In blogging I measure my progress by watching how many returning visitors come to my blog.

To achieve a goal you have to be ambitious. Because without ambition you’ll achieve nothing.

Also you have to be persistent, stubborn (in a good way), patient.

Patience probably is the most valuable virtue one can have.

The next thing in goal achieving is to create yourself a schedule of things which you’ll do everyday to achieve your goal.

When I talk about goals I don’t talk about 1 000 000 dollars because dollars aren’t a goal. Million dollars is a target.

Goals aren’t monetary. Because there is thousands and thousands of ways to achieve that one million dollar target.

When setting a goal. Don’t set monetary goals. Because you’ll lose yourself. Because I hope you understand that you can get 1 million dollars by borrowing, by earning, by doing business – there are so many ways.

When achieving your goal – never give up because it will be really hard. Just because all people try to achieve the same goals. When you look at the world globally. there are 10 million bloggers, maybe more, and everybody dreams to score big.

You don’t want to become someone, you want to be someone at first. When you’ll pick yourself a goal. It might be hard to achieve or it might be easy. It depends on your goal.

Your goals should not involve other people. Like getting married or finding a girlfriend. Because you can’t control external world and its forces.

Your goal should only involve you and the goal. Goal is like a destination of your life.

My goal is to earn money blogging. All I want to be is a blogger. Now I am one, but I still don’t earn money. Someday I should. I think I should. I’ll do my best writing articles you’d love to read.