How do you become creative?

Creativity requires enormous amounts of creative energy.

It’s really hard to write, to draw, and to do any other creative activity when you do it daily. It’s even hard to speak into the camera daily.

Our head is neuroplastic. We have neurons in our heads.

I’m sure not a scientist, but you get the point.

These neural wires. Change everytime we are doing something. The more we do it – the stronger the connection of the neural wire.

The less we do it – the neural wire weakens and then later disappears.

To start being creative – you got to start creating even the smallest piece and it will make your neuron connect to a specific point in your head.

Following this little formula – you want to have strong neural connections in your head. And you strengthen by being creative.

If you want to be a poet, your duty is to write one poem each day for a year. Then when your neural connection is strong – you then increase the amount you write. The same with writing, rapping, drawing – everything. You need the neural connection.

The stronger your neural connection the easier it becomes to create art.

Remember, many people struggle being creative just because they think their art sucks. Sure its going to suck, but you’re just in the learning stage.

All people are creative when they establish the right neural connections. Well, okay, not all people.

Neural network loves repetition. The more you repeat your creative activity – the stronger your neural connections become.

That’s plain simple, but if you never heard about neural network and neural connections, check Google for it, they might provide you with more information.