How do you actually make money online?

One word: conversions.

A blogger has to create content for his audience but despite the traffic, if traffic doesn’t convert – the blogger won’t earn any money.

The more traffic the bigger the chance it will convert.

You earn money when someone spends money on your project. Period.

You can have a lot of traffic but if the traffic doesn’t convert you won’t earn any money.

A person, who wants to make money online has to write interesting articles. But article writing won’t pay – you can have as much articles as you please.

More articles doesn’t necessarily mean more profit.

I have 600+ articles. I haven’t earned a cent from my blog. 6000 page views and no money.

Nobody wants to invest into my project. Sure you could install a Google Ad, and if you get clicks – hooray, you’ll earn money. But Google pays 5$ per 1000 unique visitors. Most people are using adblock. Nobody wants to see the ad.

If you’ll earn any money during your first year of blogging – you are lucky.