Haven’t learned shit.

I can’t believe that I played guitar for two years, over those two years I haven’t learned shit. Now I pickup the guitar and I realize – I don’t want to play with it.

Anyway. I’m done playing with the guitar.

Today I woke up at 4 o’clock. The dog woke me up.

By the way I didn’t play guitar for 7 years. That’s a long period of time. Can’t say that I forgot how to play, but my guitar playing skill is so lame. Guitars suck.

Now I’m thinking about this blogging venture. Personally I think I will never make money blogging because I write alternative stuff. There are plenty of people who can do blogging better than me.

It would be great to earn money while writing a diary. 🙂

But you can only dream about good things because good things never happen. Good things never happen to me.

My life is pretty lame. I just exist in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I sit all day at home. Hoping that someday I won’t have to sit at home. I just can’t change my life. Sorry for being depressed and pessimistic but that’s the truth. Nobody gives me respect and everybody wants me to work. Nobody believes that blogging is a job. Writing is easy, but mastering it is hard.

By the way – I’m fed up with book writing. Sure I can write a book – but guess what – nobody’s going to buy it.

Nobody buys stuff from me. Sold just two t-shirts over the course of a year – man, that’s lame…

I sell eBooks, but man 2$ per month – that’s lame.

Personally me. I don’t want to be in sales. Sales suck.

I’m such a loser. 😀