Forget about being popular.

I’m considered the unpopular type.

If you want to be unpopular show everybody how smart you are.

People follow you for two reasons:

  • Either you look good or;
  • Either you do good.

Most people aren’t popular. Being popular is rare.

Sure you can go viral, get some followers and then everyone instantly forgets about you.

So you have one of two choices: do great music videos, or do great music. Be an actor or try to be a celebrity.

Either you have to look good.

Being popular is great, popularity often brings money.

Or you can work hard to achieve a great goal.

But with work like writing it’s hard to get recognition. You’re better of being a bum. – you’ll earn more flipping burgers than being a writer.

Being recognized for your work, especially if you’re a writer is really hard. I’ve tried 6 or 7 years to become a famous writer – still nothing happened.

Writers can’t be that popular unless their writing is adapted to the big screen.

Look at Rowling, she wrote one of the best books on the planet. Before she was living on a dole. So sure – writing can provide you with a good life. But it’s rare – how many writers you don’t know, ask yourself? Most of them you don’t know.

With blogging it’s the same, you gotta be recognized to be famous. And to be recognized you gotta write some epic shit.

And… writing epic shit is epicly hard. Not all books are worth millions. Period.