Enough sleeping, that’s what she does.

I sleep somewhat till 4.30-5.00 AM. Bena doesn’t let me sleep longer. She wakes me up and we go outside.

Today’s shit was a bit bigger and we made a big mess outside. Hope nobody saw us.

I forgot to piss and I pissed on some bush. Man…

Bena is an awesome dog, but she can’t get on the bed by herself, so I have to pick her up. We didn’t want the dog to be on bed, but I can’t resist when she wants. She somewhat doesn’t like to be on hands.

Today I wanted to go to the pond, but the dog is too small. I don’t want to carry her all the way. We’ll go when she’s a bit older.

I opened the swimming season past week. Water’s a bit cold but that’s fine.

I hope Bena doesn’t eat all the cables under the table – because that would suck.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Love you Bena.

Love you all.