Enough is done.

You know this American mentality – that everybody can become anybody. This western mentality wants you to be doing stuff. To create, to produce, to consume, to do.

But personally I think that enough is done. Look at any niche – it’s filled with goods.

Want to be a painter? How do you gonna compete with all those other painters? Because remember you need cash to buy food and pay taxes – at least.

While it’s easy to be an amateur, a hobbyist. But to achieve another level – you gotta be the pro.

I say, don’t force your creative power, just because you can’t win.

Chill out, slack a bit. You don’t have to do anything, other people will do it for you. Because there are two types of people on this planet: those who work and those who don’t.

… and those who work – work a lot.

It’s very hard to create profit with creative mindset. Creativity no longer pays money since there’s a creator in every niche and it’s filled – better not to try. Because failure is inevitable.

If your doing doesn’t yield any results it’s better not to do – unless you like it, then you can do it forever. 🙂