Body and the mind are two different entities combined into one, the mind can’t live without a body and the body can’t live without the mind.

I have a dilemma, I asked my self this serious question.

Do I think? If I think, why do I keep poisoning myself with alcohol and tobacco? I must be not thinking.

This is a serious question.

What’s the point in poisoning yourself, after alcohol – vomiting and after tobacco – coughing. What’s the point? Do I really like it?

Of course not, but if I think, why do I keep doing it? Maybe I’m just unaware of what I’m doing? If I’m unaware of what I’m doing, this means my thinking is not conscious.

I started to drink and smoke purely on autopilot. Have to admit. I’m not aware of what I’m doing, otherwise – why I keep doing it.

This dilemma is hard, because at one point I was thinking about quitting smoking but I ended up smoking again. I tried to quit drinking but I ended drinking again.

Now the mission is to become aware of my own actions, because I’m simply not aware of what I’m doing. Every action has an effect. Too much smoking will kill me with cancer. Too much drinking will kill me with kidney disease.

So now I’m going to take few days, to look at my behavior, because if I continue to smoke, I must be unaware of what I’m doing.

Mission is to become aware and stop smoking and drinking.