Depression and needs.

Here I’m not talking about clinical depression.

Depression occurs when you can’t satisfy your needs.

Imagine you have no girlfriend or boyfriend, no cash, no car, no flat. All you have is pair of hands and legs.

How do you satisfy your needs?

Let’s get into theory.

Money is important, if it’s not get the fuck out of here.

If money isn’t important, why all people do various things to earn it? Money is important, especially for a man.

Man without money is a joke. The more money you have the better, money is the best antidepressant.

How do you build yourself up?

First thing is to get money, you do this by identifying your skill set. Most people have at least one marketable skill. Use that to your advantage.

You want money to buy your future wife an ice cream.

Sure there can be a period of time, where you won’t have any money. That’s why you need to become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs solve problems and make money.

Open your ears wide because the world is always complaining. Take at least one complain and solve it for a profit.

I found out that there aren’t any good interesting blogs. So I started one. We”ll look at my blog and check if there will be any profit in near future.

Solve a complain. There are many complains. You just have to pick one.

Money is important and it’s easy to earn when you have marketable skills. Go outside because earning outside is much easier than earning online. Unless you’re Jeff Bezos.

Forget about creating ideas, take something simple and execute.

It’s the execution that matters. Ideas, well everyone can think an idea. Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.

Money buys love, fame, status – everything. You can buy 10 women with money. You can even enlarge your penis if you want.

So the main obstacle here is money. I doubt you would be sick with non clinical depression if you would have money, since money is the best antidepressant. Money doesn’t make you feel bad.

Think, how can you learn something marketable if you don’t have any marketable skill set right now.

But don’t learn something creative since creativity isn’t a real business unless you’re a recognized pro.

Pick something solid, like mechanics, robotics, programming, biochemistry – something that’s solid because creativity isn’t solid. Creativity is, well, creative.

You can make money by picking up litter. There are opportunities for each and everybody of us. You just have to like to work. But fuck it, if you’re creative. Then be creative. You don’t have to reconvert yourself. But with creative work it’s harder. Since creative work isn’t solid.

You have to decide how you’ll make that dollar.

With money all of your depressions will fade away since the world is never depleted from opportunities. Most opportunities are right in front of you.

If you tried to get employed for 20 times and you was not employed. Start something of your own. Think.

The more you think and learn – the more you earn. At least theoretically.

People who have no money, most of the time have no competence or are playing video games. Gamers aren’t good at anything. Just games. Scientists want to figure out what gamers are good at, since it’s a huge human resource.

Each of us has to satisfy our needs. Making money sure is hard, but it’s worth it. With money you can buy tastier food, drive a better car or bicycle or motorcycle. With money you can do lots of things.

Money is the main source of depression. So think ways how can you make your income bigger. When you’ll have 2000€ here in Lithuania all your depression will be gone.

But if you want that kind of money – you gotta think.

Think and Earn.