Dear diary,

Why earning money is so difficult, it looks like other people are making money much easier. I kinda make money easy but it’s not a lot. Just 221€.

Why it’s hard to find a decent job, and why we have to work at all?

Isn’t working supposed to bring more money. My disability paycheck is a joke. Isn’t working supposed to be fun?

All my life I was looking for fun and didn’t find it.

I guess it’s a blessing to make money.

Why other bloggers can make 10 000$ per month while I make nothing. I just can’t understand it. What’s the problem?

Why earning money is hard and why earning money isn’t easy as spending it? I can’t get it.

I guess other folks can make money easier and it isn’t hard for them.

Why the hell 10% of people own 90% of money. Isn’t that unfair?

What should I do. I don’t want to work in a lame job, isn’t there better jobs?

I just don’t know.