Big puke.

My brother stayed at home for two weeks and didn’t drink.

Yesterday he went to the old town and had his dose of alcohol.

Just now he made a big puke.

I tell him, yeah sure – you had a great time, now enjoy your puke.

I just don’t know what’s the point in drinking, smoking, why human behavior sometimes is self-destructive? Don’t we all want to live longer and enjoy life?

How can we enjoy alcohol and then puke afterwards. Is is pleasure to puke?

Some people are sick and they still drink, thinking that the sickness will go away, but it never does – does it?

I want to quit smoking, quit drinking, but sometimes it’s just hard. I very much want to quit smoking, because I cough and spit boogers. Smoking isn’t that enjoyable. Smoking sucks and I wish I never started smoking, just if I knew how smoking is addictive. If only people would tell me to not smoke, but nobody really cared. I started smoking much more when I went into a mental house. At first I thought its the drugs that make me smoke. But that’s not the case.

Drugs don’t have any effect on smoking. When ever my psychotic break starts to happen I quit smoking. I don’t smoke for one month and then end up in a mental house. It’s harder to quit smoking when my psyche isn’t stable. But it’s both hard to quit smoking both for mentally ill and for normal people.

I guess we just have to live with our problems, or seek professional help. If you can’t do anything alone, try seeking professional help.

I read easy way to quit smoking but I read 39 pages and it’s the same shit that’s in the video. It’s the same shit. I doubt videos or books can make you quit smoking and not feel the addiction. How can you be brainwashed.

People say you are brainwashed to believe that quitting smoking is hard and at the same time they tell that smoking, nicotine is highly addictive substance. It’s kinda contradicting each other.

Well I guess people have the tendency to have self -destructive behavior. Probably can’t do anything about that.

Just please, don’t kill yourself sooner. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is slow suicide. What’s the point in puking? What’s the point coughing and saying that you love to smoke.

Smoking and drinking have no advantages. They’re just minuses. And now everybody drinks. If your brain goes numb after drinking few litres of beer this means that beer and vodka are simply light poison. Why we kill ourselves while we’re still alive?