Believe in yourself.

You know, I’m not this motivational guy who’ll tell that you can achieve anything. Most things are hard to achieve and some of those things require a lot of guts.

I just want to tell you – that if you have an idea, it’s not enough. You need perfect execution. Making good things require a lot of people. You can’t make a good musical clip alone, it requires 100 people. That is, if you want people.

But believing in yourself is the stepping stone towards great goals.

You don’t have to believe in god, believe in yourself.

Because the only person who can make a change in your life is yourself.

We’re all different people, we all have different goals and different lifestyles. It’s hard to get motivated when goal achieving is hard.

But you need a drive, an inner motivation. None of the external motivation will help. I tried many times to get motivated with external motivation, but I used to get motivated for one day and then I just quit.

I like quitting things, because most things aren’t for me.

I know I’m a failure, I just like to write and share my life’s secrets.

There is no secrets. Like Nike says: “Just do it”.

Personally me, I say don’t do it.

Doing this thing, for years and actually taking some risk requires a lot of belief.

I know my blog will be popular someday. But that day didn’t come yet.

Anyway. Believe in yourself, because what else you’ve got left?