Basic beginner business lesson.

Businesses solve problems for profit. You can’t start a business with no money. Period.

Business is harsh, the competition is stiff. If you’ll start a business with no money the competition will eat you alive.

The world is full of problems. Everyone is complaining. You, then take a complain and provide a solution for it – you take profit for that solution.

For example. Someone has a pirated xbox 360 and doesn’t have a DVD-RW device, he needs new games. You then as an ‘entrepreneur’ provide him with games. I used to do this but it’s not a real business. But the idea is okay.

For example. Someone has a dog and doesn’t have time to take the dog out. You then solve this problem by taking outside his dog.

Every human being has a problem. So there are infinite opportunities. Every niche, every type of business has competition. If there is no competition in your business – the business doesn’t have a demand.

Sure this post won’t make you a rich businessman. But you’ll get the idea.

If you had an apple – you then could sell it to starving tourist.

When in business – you have to produce something cheaply or even for free. Then you put a margin on that product.

In business you have to minimize risk. You don’t want to take up on a big risk. Those lessons who teach you to take the risk – it’s nonsense. You have to minimize the risk and hope for profit.

You need to seek your own clients, you have to do marketing, in other words you need to tell a lot of people that you are doing this business.

First rule off business by Warren Buffett: Don’t lose your money.

If you’ll keep losing money sooner or later you’ll be out of business.

Business has to earn you money and you should get very selfish. I know people who have a successful business and I know who failed. Business is harsh and business isn’t for everybody. Personally me. I’m not a businessman – I’m a writer. Writing is my ‘business’.

Easiest business to start is online business, but it can take a lot of time until you’ll earn. Especially in blogging. In total blogging is lame business for an amateur. In every business you need to be a pro. Five steps higher than the rest.