Aim high.

You gotta have a big goal and aim high because achieving goals is hard. Especially money goals.

You see when you aim high, even if you’ll miss – you will get something.

People with low aim get low results and people who aim high – get high rewards.

The problem in many people is that they have no ambition and they simply drift through life.

Your life without a goal will be a meaningless life.

Every person, who has some brain, will seek meaning. Because when you live a meaningless life you get sick with nihilism.

Nihilism, though, is curable.

Pinch yourself, if you feel the pain, that means life has some sort of meaning, because your own pain is never meaningless.

Aim high if you want something big, because the higher you aim – the further it goes.

Aiming high will make you progress through life. Because when you have big dreams, you gotta develop yourself to get it.

If you didn’t need to develop yourself – you’d already had what you want.

People with big ambitions and big goals achieve great things.

But as I said monetary goals are hard to achieve, especially online. Earning outside is easier.

Aim high.