You can’t call it a horrible life.

If you read this I bet you have a web connection, if you have web connection – you probably own a laptop, pc, or a smartphone or a tablet. That shit’s expensive – it means you have some money.

If you have some money – you have work to do, if you have work to do – you own a house or a flat, you have the roof over your head. If you work – you’re healthy.

If you’re healthy – that’s a bit more important than money, you can’t buy health with money, just pills.

You can’t call it a horrible life.

In fact, there are one hundred million people who have no access to the web and are living on the streets.

I applaud you – you’re a bit better.

What’s stopping you from enjoying your life? Money? We all need more money. What would you do if you had all the money? Do that for 8 years and see what happens.

You can’t call that a horrible life.