Working with systems.

If you want to save your time – work with systems.

You need a system that works 24/7.

Systems are great because they can save your time, but in blogging if you build it people won’t come – so you’ll have to market your blog which I don’t do.

Sure systems require you to build them up, but it’s better than selling your time to some employer. Selling time is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Many people go to jobs. Each day. And sell their time. This I don’t want to do. Never sold my time.

Instead I work with systems. At least I try to work with systems.

Blog is a great system it works 24/7. Youtube videos are great too, but it’s more costly to produce videos than to write text. Nobody’s going to watch your webcam videos. I tried.

Great thing about systems is that those systems can bring you money. Of course it’s hard to do make them to bring money. It’s easier said than done.

If you’re unemployed you can start a blog, market it, and maybe you’ll earn some decent income. Which of course didn’t happen to me yet. I believe I can make this blog a great system which will bring me money. But that will happen later.

If you’re an online marketer, blog will heavily enhance your job because with a blog you can market yourself as some sort of expert.

Please, work with systems and don’t sell your time.