What is the ‘matrix construct’?

We all are here in the matrix construct. All people who are about to come out. All people who are gone. All the rats and the bugs – we all are here in the matrix construct.

Matrix construct is the place were all souls lurk. If a human being has a soul, this means the bug has a soul, too. Somebody who is moving the hardware. Each of us has hardware.

Matrix construct is the place where all the software lurks. Software is what’s inside the hardware.

After we are gone, we go to the matrix construct – once again.

It’s a big question what happens after we are dead. Maybe there is another life, maybe we are in a game. If it’s a game – it’s a hard one. Life doesn’t look like a game because it’s unpleasant and most of the time unenjoyable.

The matrix builds us all. We sure can’t control when we pop out.

I created myself. Designed by god, made by humans.

After many years we still don’t know if god exists. Stating that there is no god would be ridiculous. Stating that there is god is ridiculous, too. We have to accept that we don’t know. If there’s god, he’s well hidden.

We all are in the matrix construct. The matrix constructs us all.

What will happen when this life ends – nobody knows due to fact that nobody was back after being dead.

It’s harsh to lose your relatives but you have to accept the fact that matter isn’t destroyable. You can’t destroy matter and if religious people are right you can’t destroy souls.

Everybody’s talking about same things just in different words.

The Matrix Has You.