Typical results.

Typical results are that bloggers earn jack’s shit. Meaning nothing. Zilch.

When you’re into blogging you want some atypical results.

People like John Chow know how to earn a lot of money. This person has some atypical results.

It’s not enough to start a blog and expect huge cashflow. Cash won’t flow if you’re getting typical results.

Typical result for a blogger is few hits per day. It doesn’t matter how many blog posts you have – you will get typical results.

Nobody’s going to tell you the secret to making your blog skyrocket.

One of my friends told me that you don’t have to pay to somebody to know the secret. Create what people will love. It’s easier said than done.

Creating something that people will enjoy is hard. It really is.

When you start a blog. The main reason is not to give up on your idea. People quit after 3, 6, 12 months.

Blogging isn’t the right career for people who want easy money.

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now and I’m getting typical results. Meaning zilch dollars in my pocket.

Even John states that his results aren’t typical. There are millions of blogs. And people have now many choices. Some blogs are great, some are lame. And most bloggers earn just 10$ per month.

This means that typical result for a blogger is 0 to 10 dollars a month.

You put in so much effort and you get nothing. That’s unfair. And unfair is typical.

I heard that John Chow makes 100$ per 1000 views. He’s a millionaire. He sure knows the secret, but I can guarantee that the secret to blogging is marketing. You can do so little without marketing.

Without marketing you’ll get typical results and if you pay money to Mr. Chow you’ll want atypical results which you won’t get.

Sure blogging is multi million business. But getting there is really hard.

Until you’ll know the secret you’ll get typical results.

Is it worth buying the secret? Sure, if you can afford.

Many people dream about bloggers life. But to be frank bloggers life is making zero bucks.

The competition is stiff and it’s really hard to compete with best blogs who are 20 years in the market. It’s really hard.

And before you’ll make it – you’ll get typical results.