Transparency and trust.

People need to see you as you are. That’s why bloggers must be transparent. This is the only way to build trust.

No hiding.

Many years I’ve been building my transparency. Many people know me, some think that I’m a liar but that’s not true.

When I’m creating content I try to be as transparent as I can.

Because this world lacks people whom you can trust.

Today, most of the guys want to scam you for profit. I don’t do that. Of course profit is important that’s why all people go to work. Don’t say profit isn’t important if you work.

You gotta pay taxes and all other expenses. Profit is important.

But to earn profit – you gotta earn trust. People want to save money and want to exploit you. We live in a selfish world. I gotta admit – I want profit to but I’m not into sales.

Sure I would love to sell a lot of t-shirts or eBooks or get some donations.

It is how it is. People are greedy. Everybody wants to save money. So earning money is pretty hard.

Before I started online ‘business’ I was convinced that it’s easy, but after many years of trying I realized it’s hard. It really is.

Of course I earned some but some isn’t enough for survival.

Anyway. You gotta be transparent. You gotta play with open cards. And when you’re done – you’ll earn trust and money should come. In theory.

Be transparent and earn trust!