Top 10 Lithuanian phrases.

Here’s the list of top ten Lithuanian phrases with translation to English.

  1. Ką veiki? – What are you up to?
  2. Gal nori alaus? – Maybe you want some beer?
  3. Aš tave myliu – I love you.
  4. Gal einam į kiną? – Maybe we should go to the cinema?
  5. Ką rytoj? – What you’ll be doing tomorrow?
  6. Po kiek alus? – How much is the beer?
  7. Šiandien geras oras. – Today’s good weather.
  8. Einam į lauką? – Let’s go outside?
  9. Kalnapilis yra geras alus. – ‘Kalnapilis’ is a great beer.
  10. Kaip laikosi tavo mama? – How is your mother doing?