Too lazy.

These days I wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter, but I realized I will be lazy to walk with it.

Please, give me no dogs. Because really. I don’t need a dog in my life.

Barely can buy some pizza’s, the dog is a huge responsibility. It’s better to have a cat, but my mom doesn’t want a cat, because she has a new sofa.

Anyway today’s a good day, was at the doctor with my friend, got my prescription, now I wait until my mom gets back with my prescription drugs. I didn’t take leponex, I told that I want cisordinol and quetiapine.

I’m used to my life, it’s been two years my cat died. I threw it away into the dumpster. Because here at the city I know no pet sematary. Sucks that happened but whatcha gonna do. I didn’t want to but I had to.