The world works on autopilot.

This world is dynamic, it’s never static.

You see the wind blowing, grass growing and all the people walking and doing their thing.

The world never sleeps.

There isn’t anybody controlling the world. Things just happen by themselves.

I sure want more from life but that ain’t happening.

This world works on autopilot.

There is no pilot. Controlling things. Everything is on auto like in a simulation. I’m a big fan of simulation hypothesis but that’s another story.

Gotta be delusional to be an optimist.

In this world good things don’t happen for most people. Life is hard, gotta complain a bit.

Everything is on autopilot. We’re so small that we can’t control most things. But we. the people, like to control things.

We want things to obey.

But the planet doesn’t care about life, in fact, most planets don’t have life on them. Probably planets don’t need life on them.

The world works on autopilot. Like a simulation.

It would be great if afterlife would exist.

Anyway we all are just constructs of the matrix.

Afterlife is the most interesting phenomenon.

What will happen after life is interesting but we will know that after we’re gone.

We’re just constructs of the matrix.

We can’t control that since everything works on autopilot.