Stimulus is stimulating us 24/7 and it’s told that the reality we experience as now is in fact lag of the near past.

Stars we see in the cosmos. Is the lag, because starlight has to travel through the space and it takes some time.

I’m a big fan of determined life. I bet all life is determined, since we experience reality as lag. But it sure doesn’t seem like that, but it is. A lag. Because the brain has to convert the signal to make the reality we experience and it takes time.

If you get a phone ring, you will be tempting to check it out. Ignoring is also a response. So the stimulus which is stimulating us it sends various signals to our brain and our brain has to respond. Our subconscious mind does all the decisions before conscious mind is aware of it.

Stimulus can be external or internal. When you want to poop – it’s also stimulus and you go there – to poop.

Human body has a lot of senses. When you’re hot, when you’re cold. When you’re full of food. When you’re hungry. That’s senses and senses stimulate us to take action from the inside.

You can imagine yourself as being a doll. Which is moved by the strings of higher entities.

We are controlled by chemical, biological and physical forces, the planet is much more powerful than we can imagine. This planet – all it wants to do is kill us. And we have to resist all those chemical, biological and physical forces, otherwise we die.

In fact the experience in this world is hostile, most of things want to kill us.

Most hostile animals don’t see us as humans, they see us as food.

Did you know that music shifts your perception of reality? If you listed to happy music – you most likely will be happy. So choose carefully what you listen to, because music has to do something with your mood. Music is a great stimulus.

So the planet keeps us stimulating, and we respond to stimulus. External stimulus is out of control to the body itself. Meaning that external forces guide the life you experience. Since the stimulus forces are external, it pretty much determines all your life.

But we have the sense that we are free, when in fact we are not. Every human being seeks freedom. But ya’ know – you gotta eat and shit, sleep and drink water, breathe – that’s far away from freedom. To experience real freedom you have to be not in the system, but non existence isn’t an experience. Because there isn’t anybody to experience.