Spend your time creating.

It’s easy to consume. Consuming costs money. Movies, music, games – everything costs money.

It’s easy to grow apples when you have an apple tree, but what if you don’t?

Living in capitalism requires constant sales to get stable income.

But what can you sell if you have no land and no other resources other than your time? It’s easy to sell your time and expertise.

Information costs a lot of money. So spend your time creating something that is worthy and worthwhile.

You just have to be one step further to be an expert. One step further than your customer. Know one or two things.

Everything boils down to creating value. You want your texts, audio, video to be valuable or entertaining.

Best way to produce value is to create something for free. If you can create something out of nothing – do that, don’t hesitate.

I’m somewhat good at writing, that’s why I started a blog. I know a bit about lots of things. And that’s an advantage amongst people who specialize in various niches.

Today you don’t want to pursue clients, you want clients to come to you and it’s better to market yourself as some sort of expert but you can’t do that without creating something of worth and value.

Spend your time creating texts, videos, audios and you’ll notice people coming to you for an advice – that’s great because all people start at point zero. All people are curious about lots of things and you have to be an expert in one or two things.

If you can create something of value – do that and you’ll notice people coming to you for an advice, some of them will offer money for your services.

Of course it’s easier said than done but you have to try. Nobody can guess how your life will turn out. But if you can create – do that. Because computers can’t replace creative work due to fact that computers don’t have a soul.

Of course being a known and famous writer takes a lot of dedication but if you want it you can do it. Writing is easy but mastering it takes a lot of work. The more you write – the better you get at writing.

As I told many times quantity is what makes a solid writer. When people will see that you want to be a creator and a writer or even a philosopher – you then will become the go to expert.

Create things, because consuming them costs money.

Anyone can be who he wants. It’s just matter of luck, persistence and dedication. You can be whatever you dream about.

If you want to be a blogger then blog, create things.