Somewhere else.

People live better – somewhere else.

It’s always somewhere else that’s interesting. Somewhere else is better, but sometimes, when you think about it.

Somewhere else is worse. People live worse – somewhere else.

That said. We’re all living somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of good and the bad.

It’s always somewhere where it’s better.

The minimum wage is higher in England or America or Germany, but in Nairobi people are living just for 2$ per day.

Think about that.

Living in Lithuania isn’t that bad, but Lithuanians lack money to buy my goods. Books. T-shirts. Probably that’s why I don’t earn anything. Gotta be in the American/English market.

The web gives you the opportunity to be worldwide. Because sitting on your laptop in America is the same as in Nairobi or Lithuania.

If you’re living in a poor country and have the web connection – seek work online. Sure the competition is stiff, but online – there’s more opportunity than being local.

Somewhere else is here.