After years of putting effort into writing my pieces I realized I am far away from being a rockstar blogger.

This means that blogging is similar to music. Not everybody can be a rockstar.

Being a rockstar means – respect – fame – glory and riches.

It would be great to be a rockstar blogger but with vast competition comes big difficulties.

I imagine that someday I’m a rockstar but that won’t happen.

When you look at the world – you see people doing the same thing greater than you, thus making you second from the rockstar.

Being great means a lot of challenge. You gotta compete with all those fucks.

By the way – people choose what they want to read, you can force somebody to read your texts. That’s why I don’t advertise my blog.

You know – I want everything to happen organically.

Maybe I’m not a rockstar, but I’m trying.

Give me some slack.