Practice makes perfect.

I started to play guitar roughly 10 years ago. And then I quit because playing the guitar was really hard.

You see when you look into your passions the thing that will stick the most is the thing you need to do.

Practice didn’t make me play guitar better. Practise, well, I have a guitar but I play no longer… just because it’s too hard.

When you find things that won’t be your passion you suddenly lose interest in them. It happened to me with video making, music making, guitar, programming, the gym, the movies, the most things normal people do.

I just lost interest in all things except writing.

So I figured I will start a blog and just write – what else can I do?

You can’t pick your passion, the passion picks you.

Since I knew about blogging. I knew I want one. Started many blogs all failed. So I hope this one won’t fail.

I was teaching lithuanian language, writing about ideas, and trying to pretend somebody whom I’m not. All blogs failed.

This blog is a failed blog, but I don’t want to give up on it yet. Maybe someday some good things will happen.

Anyway. If you stick to a schedule, commit and dedicate yourself – you should succeed. You also need to be persistent.

Because working with attention of the people is hard.

Sure I could learn the guitar, sure I could, but I no longer have interest in it. Guitar just sits there on the wall. I rarely pick it up.

It’s really easy to fail at life. Don’t do what others expect of you and you’re doomed and failed. But when you stick to something – you should win.

It pisses me off that life is some sort of a competition. You gotta compete for likes, shares, views, traffic, dollars, livelihood. And the competition is serious.

Anyway. Practise makes perfect be sure to practise your craft a lot.