Passive income – there’s no such thing.

I know passive income sounds great, to get passive income you have to work with systems. Meaning the system has to work for you.

Many businessmen hire other people to build those systems.

When you’re in business you can’t do anything alone because other people will outcompete you.

Imagine if I had 5 or 10 writers, my outcome would increase x10.

Now I’m writing this blog alone. I try to write as many posts as I can.

Passive income means you build a system and let it run. But blogging isn’t passive income because you have to constantly update the blog.

Writing can’t do itself, you know. Systems have to work by themselves. Sure I could hire some writers but then it would cost me money.

When working in capitalism you have to sell something that you can produce for free. In blogging it’s texts. People say blogging 1.0 is dead. But personally I think blogging won’t die.

People still love to read.

My passive income today is 0–2€ per month. Few days ago I sold a book on amazon kindle. Earned 35 cents. It’s a joke man.

I did the work and some cash is flowing in.

Personally me, I love working with systems. Blogging is a system it runs by itself – you just have to update it.

Since I love writing – it isn’t that hard. Marketing is hard because either you have to pay somebody to do the marketing or you have to spam the web with your link. It pisses me off.

After 6 years of blogging I have only 2 email subscribers. That’s bad.

I believe that people hate getting blog updates via email. Of course I don’t do freebies and don’t bribe email subscribers.

When some blog offers a freebie I give them temporary email. To get the freebie. I believe that freebies aren’t that great conversion wise. People just give temporary emails.

Now my goal with this blog is 100 visits per day. I could buy them but I don’t want to pay money because it’s expensive.

1000 visits costs 1$ on But traffic is lame. People don’t convert. and it’s strange, maybe they send bot traffic. I don’t know.

Passive income means you do the work once and it brings you cash. But with blogging it’s not passive unless you earn money and then hire some writers.

Someday, baby, someday I will be a rockstar blogger. Maybe