Nowadays life is much easier.

Ancestors lived harsh. They didn’t have vaccines, meds from schizophrenia, electricity and other stuff.

Those were some tough people. And live gets easier and easier – each year.

Do we complain that live’s hard?

Sure we do, we do that every day, but the problem with good and easy life is that good and easy life creates weak people.

Tough times create hard men, who create easy times, who create weak people, who create tough times and the cycle repeats every 25 years. Weak people live 25 years and create hard times. I hope you got it.

Live’s easy – we suck!

Imagine being without arms and legs. That would be harsh. And there is this guy who’s living without arms and legs. His name is Nick Vujicic. He can’t wipe his ass, but he’s a millionaire. Good for him. Not all men masturbate.

Anyway, today we can do business online and make cash – but that’s hard to do. I earned just a bit from my online experience.

Wish I was earning full time – that would be awesome.

I hope you like my blog. I see returning visitors in my stats. That’s epic and great – sucks that I don’t know who you are. 🙂

Love my readers <3