Nobody’s coming to help you.

If you’ve been in a situation where you don’t know what to do and how to change.

You’d be hoping that somebody will come due to your efforts.

But in fact, nobody will come to save you.

I have to break it too you, you are alone in this matrix. Nobody will come to offer you a better life. Everybody’s for himself.

I was waiting people to come cheering, but in fact nobody came.

I met few acquaintances, they are good people.

But nothing life changing came.

It’s hard to note that many people can do what you do but 1000 times better while you do what you do so lame.

I’m about to give up on my dream to be paid blogger. I need more people who enjoy my content. It’s all about traffic…

No traffic – no money. When I started blogging, since like forever, I hoped that traffic will come but to my surprise nothing came…

Google wants me to pay them money.

Now I will just grind texts and hope that traffic will appear.

There isn’t anybody who can help me. All you guys – thanks for reading my blog. Sorry for complaining lately, but I’m not in a good mood. Because I can’t achieve my goals.

You know when you can’t achieve what you want – you all would complain.

I have other stories rather than complaining but I figured since not a lot people read my blog. I’ll complain a bit.