Nobody cares about you until you win.

I’m an living example that people don’t care.

Sure people aren’t stupid, they produce computers, land machines on Mars and do other cool stuff. I do none of that – I just write a blog, a diary to be exact.

I tried Youtube, Steemit, Medium, Quora – nothing felt better than starting my blog after so many hesitations.

People just don’t care. I don’t know why, because maybe I’m not the winner.

Sure I would love to win as a blogger, but my dream is naive and ridiculous. To make money while writing a diary. Who reads diaries? Just stalkers.

Over period of 5 years. I’ve got just 50 followers whom not all read my blog.

You see, with media (audio, video, text) you need recognition, otherwise nothing good will happen. For some it’s easier than for others.

I’m aware that my actions brought me here. But I always wanted more from life. A good job (got unemployed for life), A good social following (got almost none), A loving wife (that didn’t happen, yet) I wanted more and got nothing.

Now I want to make a living online with the comfort of my room. This is tricky to achieve knowing my history. People kinda hate me. But some love me. People aren’t stupid, they just don’t care about me.

Maybe because I didn’t win at life, yet. I don’t want to quit on writing, because it’s the only lasting joy for me.

I know I sound depressed, but I kinda don’t want to try new things. I know there’s abundance of blogs. So there should be a place for me under the sun.

Anyway, there’s abundance of everything and I live while having almost nothing. I’m broke, but I don’t want to give up on life.

I’m trying my best, give me some slack.

Thanks guys for reading my blog, it’s a honor.

That out of millions blogs you choose mine. That’s a real honor.

Anyway, people don’t care about you until you win. But how to win at life? What is hard work? Does writing articles considered as hard work? I felt for the follow your passion trap. I felt for it alright…

Following your passion is a strange thing, because some get it easier than others. Why’s life unfair and harsh? I just don’t know, but earlier generations had it harder. Many people would love to lead my life. But people have a chore, they have to go to work.

There two kinds of people:

  • Those who work.
  • Those who don’t work.

I don’t work because I dream to be a paid blogger, but for some reason that’s not happening. I kinda need to change my strategy.

There’s many things I should do besides writing, but I’m kinda lazy. I focus on writing content and abandoned the marketing aspect. I told this many times. I know you’re fed up with it.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

I guess I don’t have to quit. I want to have this hard goal, maybe it’s easier for others than me. Maybe I’m doing everything wrong but whatever. At least you guys love my work.

I wonder when people will start to notice my work. It’s kinda a lame blog according to the web standards. It’s the confession of a failed man.

I’m such a failure, you can’t imagine.

The only thing I didn’t want to do was working. I figured why I should do what other people tell me? Why I can’t create something for myself. Then I went to job interviews and never was a fit. They all told me go elsewhere.

You know. Maybe I’m not successful today, but someday I will be successful because I want it bad. I’m going to tell those people, who didn’t hire me – to fuck themselves because I’m better alone.

I know that life guides me somewhere – the problem – I don’t know where. I kinda want a goal that’s hard to achieve but some days it seems unbearable.

To be a writer is hard, people who never wrote don’t know what it means. Sure I could get hired as a copywriter but that’s selling the skill. I earned money while writing but I kinda don’t love writing on demand. I rather pour my soul online and get nothing than be working in some firm which I don’t own. This I learned from Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I know that everybody wants to earn a lot of money, but I don’t need a lot just 100€ per day. Then I could lead a normal life.

People say I whine a lot, but the problem is that I don’t sell anything. I just don’t want to be in sales. I can’t get rich while not selling anything. You gotta respect me for that.

Anyway. Sales should happen but they aren’t due to lack of traffic. Sure probably I’m a bad influencer. But someway I think. Why can’t opportunities come to me. Why can’t I attract them? Sure, if law of attraction is a true story.

I’ve been trying to attract a rich woman, or travel to Paris, Egypt. For many years, but that didn’t happen. So I kinda believe that law of attraction is bullshit.

Ok folks, I’m done for now. Gotta get a smoke, make some coffee and maybe I will write another post. As long as you’re reading I will be writing.