I sit in my room and write stories, one acquaintance called me naive.

Naive to hope to earn money with blogging, diary writing but I told him everything depends on traffic.

You can be the best writer but if you’re not popular – you’re not going to earn any money. While you can be a lame writer but popular and you’ll see the cash flow.

Yeah, sure I’m naive. Somebody’s gotta sell something. It’s sales that matter, but what about hobbies and interests? I’m interested in writing. This blog costs only 60€ per year. So I consider it a cheap hobby.

When you see popular people, you see that they have been working for ages to promote, to do their business.

With writing it’s the same – you just gotta write, otherwise you’ll never know if you’re going to be successful.

That said. Sometimes I have doubts. Should I continue to write or should I give up? Blogging is a cheap hobby. Just 60€ for one year of writing. What will happen after 40 years of writing, nobody knows. Only the writer can be popular if he doesn’t quit.

Some writers die while being starving artists. I know this will happen to me. I just have a hunch. Many known writers became famous only after their death. When there’s nobody to pay cash for.

Anyway. I love writing and will continue to write despite the doubts. I know people you love my blog and you’ve been reading it for 6 months now or is it 7 months. I lost the count.

Anyway, 6 month check mark has passed and I’ve stayed in the game longer than most bloggers. Most bloggers quit after 3 to 6 months. I won.

Now the money making plan. The plan is simple – to write articles and hope that Google will give some love.

Did you know that 97% of websites don’t get Google traffic? I read the report somewhere, can’t recall.

My website is one of them. If I will get 10 visitors from Google per day that means my website will be better than 97% of websites. Groovy, huh?

I know bloggers should be professionals and write about various things, but since there’s abundance of blogs, there should be a place for my blog. To be honest I kinda doubt I will be making money anytime soon. It depends on the traffic. If there won’t be any Google love then it will mean no banner ad sales.

Anyway, we’ll see what will happen out of this blog.

Thanks for reading. I’ll keep in touch.