My mood with Escitalopram antidepressants.

My mood is okay. Escitalopram is a great antidepressant.

Before I was a bit nervous. I just couldn’t cope with life.

Life is pretty damn difficult, even when sitting all time indoors.

Kinda sucks to use antidepressants, but being nervous is worse than using antidepressants. You just pop a pill and hope your nerve will vanish.

For antidepressants to kick in it takes 2 to 4 weeks. If after 4 weeks you don’t notice any increase in your mood it’s better to quit antidepressants. Antidepressants didn’t cure depression but my friend was depressed he used antidepressants for 6 months and his mood became better. Other friend is using antidepressants and he tells that his mood went better.

It kinda sucks to be on pills, but pills do help. Personally me – I can’t live without drugs. Currently using Xeplion 150 mg injection. Cisordinol 10 to 20 mg. And Quetiapine 200 mg. I really don’t want to drink leponex and test my blood every week. That’s pointless.

My mood is okay, I kinda feel my mood going better but maybe it’s the placebo effect. Who knows. But I don’t seem to be so nervous.

Last time I went to mental hospital because I was nervous. I became nervous out of nowhere. Drank 8 cups of coffee couldn’t sleep and my mom called the ambulance. As soon as the ambulance came I became normal. I felt that they’re going to drive me to the mental hospital. So I became calm.

12 days in mental hospital passed pretty fast. I almost didn’t notice. But I’m kinda disappointed that they prescribed me leponex. I didn’t want to use it but they convinced me. Now I’m using my old drugs and I feel better.

Cisordinol is my main drug, they always do injections of Cisordinol when I have psychosis. But this time I didn’t have psychosis. I was nervous.

Today I’m feeling okay. I hope that Escitalopram will reduce my nervousness. It kinda sucks to be nervous.

To conclude the text I would say – take your drugs. Schizophrenia sure isn’t curable but it’s preventable with drugs. It kinda sucks to be schizophrenic. But as far as I heard schizophrenics see the world more clearly. I kinda got used to this disease and don’t feel it. Just don’t have the motivation to do anything else but to write this damn blog!

Stay healthy!