My blog is doing poorly traffic wise.

When I started blogging in English I hoped that at least each post will have some views.

i was hoping to get 500 visitors after 6 months of blogging.

But my blog is doing poorly traffic wise.

I don’t market my blog. I know I should do marketing but I’m too lazy.

I’m hoping that people eventually will find my blog and will read it.

I’m glad that some of you guys regularly read my blog.

I know that my blog isn’t something special.

Here’s the total stats of the blog.

blog stats total

1634 sessions and 3741 page views, that’s great. Almost 1000 people saw my blog and know who I am.

Blogging is interesting. As you see I had some traffic spikes.

People are coming mostly from Lithuania. Next is United States and United Kingdom.

I want to show engagement on my blog.

Here it is.

Blog engagement total

You can see that people are reading my blog.

15 visitors spent more than 1801+ seconds on my blog. Totalling in 106 pageviews. That’s great assuming my blog has total of 500+ posts. This means that people have read 1/5 of my blog. That’s great.

Also many people spend less than 10 seconds on my blog. That’s a bit disappointing but it’s normal for new blogs. People don’t have time to read.

While I’m doing no marketing the traffic is amazing. But to be frank I was hoping at least 500 daily visitors. That didn’t happen.

Maybe if I will continue to write my blog will skyrocket.

I was thinking about buying views from but the reviews are poor. I tried traffic on my Lithuanian blog and it was lame. Don’t buy views from

As you see – people read my blog. And that’s very great.

I believe someday I will be earning full time income from my blog. Because there are many people who didn’t find my blog yet.

If I would get 1000 daily views. I then would sell banner space.

By the way, if any of you guys want to do banner exchange, please email me. I know my traffic isn’t a lot but over time it will add up.

PS. In mental hospital I met a new friend whose name is Mantas, he’s a great guy but he’s sick with schizoaffective. This disease is curable while my disease isn’t curable.

PPS. I really don’t want to drink leponex.

Anyway tomorrow this blog is 6 months old because I started it on November 8th, 2018.

Six months of blogging, not too shabby.

It’s the second drop point where many bloggers give up and I’ve passed it. Congratulations to me.

Sure I missed some days, but this blog has 500+ posts. I hope you enjoyed the journey so far.

I want to make something great out of this blog.

By the way. If you’ll start a blog and won’t do any marketing your traffic will be the same. So start blogging only if you love to write. Blogging is a lame way to earn money. Because all those guys who tell that you can make 4000$ per month are showing results that are not typical.

Typical result for new blog is 10 visits a day because the web is overwhelmed with blogs.

Everything is competition but I like it.

Maybe someday I will earn. Wish me luck.

See ya.