Knowing the self.

To know the self one has to get rid of the masks. We all wear masks. When talking to your friend, when talking to your mom. We all wear masks.

The self is well hidden.

To know the self one has to be alone. When you’re alone then the beast comes out. Some people don’t like to be alone, because they don’t like the beast.

Nobody sees you when you’re alone. So you don’t need a mask.

To know the self you have to be unmasked.

Each of us has a beast inside. In fact we all are beasts and only later humans. We don’t need to forget that we all are animals. Mammals to be sure.

Knowing the self takes a lot of guts. I know myself because I spend a lot of time alone. And being true to yourself is what matters.

Don’t try to be someone else and get rid of your masks. But that’s hard to achieve. Now and then we all wear masks.

Know the self – be alone.