Anyone can start a blog. Anyone can create a video. Anyone can write a book. But it all boils down to luck.

They could print your book – but they won’t.

They all could watch your video – but they won’t.

Luck is what matters.

Your video can become viral but people will instantly forget you. Your blog can become viral, but people won’t subscribe.

It’s all about engagement. 2500 videos later – I failed. Because I started over and over.

They all could read your blog, but they won’t. Just because you’re a nobody. A person who has no respect. They all could help you survive – but they won’t. Just because you have no reputation.

They all could – but they won’t. Just because luck isn’t on your side.

It’s easy to spot a new blogger. Maybe people will resonate with you, maybe not. Who knows but you have to try – maybe luck will be on your side.

It all boils down to luck.

How lucky are you?

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