Integrated likes, wants and needs.

We can’t choose what we like to do as our occupation. I sure want to get ripped, but I don’t like going to the gym.

Our desires are integrated from the society. Society teaches us to be alike. To want the same things. Don’t we all want more money.

Society wants to scare us. That if we don’t work – we are going to be homeless.

You gotta pay for everything.

That said. Our desires come from our social conditioning. If your parents are ambitionless, most likely you will be ambitionless and goalless.

Our body likes to do some things and other things it doesn’t like to do – our likes are integrated, engraved in the body.

We can’t choose the body we get. The body has desires, wants, likes and needs. I would love to quit eating and shitting, but I can’t do that. The needs are engraved in the body.

I sure would love to learn to play guitar, but the body doesn’t want to pick the guitar and start playing.

We can choose what we want. It’s the desire. But deep in the body, the body chooses itself what it wants and what it likes to do. Better not to interfere with the body.

It seems like the body itself has a mission. A thing what it needs to do here, in this world.

There are things that attract the body and there are things that disgust the body. You can’t change your body.

That said it’s better not to force the body to change. Because people don’t change, the environment changes the people. If the body is living okay, he won’t change. The body would change if it would get uncomfortable in current environment.

Real hunger makes body do drastic things. This body is much stronger than it appears. It can kill and slay. Just to survive. Everybody wants to live in comfort. While the body is comfortable, he won’t do drastic things.

As I said, our desires, wants, likes, needs are engraved in the body. We can’t choose our body, our face, our size, our height.

Just let the body run, it knows what to do. Because it has super computer integrated – subconscious mind. The conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg.