I realized I don’t like to be exhausted.

Go to the gym if you like to exhaust your body.

Sure I’m tired because I’m not used to go to the gym. Going to the gym is stress for your body if the body isn’t used to move.

I’ve quit the gym and bought some beer.

3 liters of beer ‘tauras bravoro rinktinis’, it’s a nice beer.

Go to the gym if you like to be exhausted. Personally me. I realized that I don’t like it.

Now I drink the beer and remember the old days. When I was sitting indoors smoking, drinking beer and having fun.

Gym is fun to a certain degree, but when you’re exhausted it’s no longer fun. 🙂

I regret joining the gym. I would rather spend that money on pizza and kebabs and beer. Anyway four days is enough for me.

I’m not a sportsman. I’m an alcoholic who smokes and likes drinking. I drank half of my life.

Changing yourself is pretty hard, especially if you don’t want to change. The socium requires you to be an active member of the society, but I’m a passive guy. Who likes to sit at home and drink alcohol occasionally.

Why bother exercising, when you like to eat tasty foods, sugar.

I was fat half of my life, after 18–20 years old I started gaining fat. And I’m used to be fat. Fuck all that gym exercising. Fuck being with a six pack – I believe it’s not worth it.

It’s good for slim guys who have no fat on their belly. But for fat people – it’s our choice to exhaust ourselves or not. It’s really our choice, but personally me. I choose to be lazy. I don’t want all that active life.