I know: blog promotion sucks but it’s the only way.

I don’t do much promotion and you can see my results.

blog stats Wednesday, May 15, 2019

This is what happens to a blog if you don’t market it. This is worth pointing out. I never did promotion to this blog.

All I had was youtube link on my videos. Now that’s gone.

So if you’ll be writing articles don’t expect much traffic. Because right of the bat people won’t talk about your content.

It’s the typical result for a blogger who only spends time writing content. Currently I don’t care about this blogs popularity.

If I enjoy writing, that’s what I’m going to focus on. But blog without marketing gets very few views. Almost 1000 people saw my blog during 6 or 7 months of blogging. That’s lame but I can’t complain since I did no promotion.

Promotion costs money or you have to spam links all over the web. And that sucks.

Currently I’m focusing on writing blog posts daily. I won’t write 4000 or 8000 word articles because long posts are lame. It’s better to have more short posts because they’re more likely to be read.

If I miss a day of blogging, that means I’m either in a mental hospital or have no mood to write.

The traffic is laughable but it’s what blogs with no marketing get – it’s the reality. Sure I could focus more on SEO, marketing but I’m too lazy. I kinda write a post and let it sit there for a while.

If people will love the blog, they’re gonna promote it. That’s my approach. This blogs marketing isn’t my business. I’m here just to write.

Blogging without marketing isn’t that hard. But without traffic there won’t be any cash. Period.

I wrote a blog post that states that casual bloggers don’t earn any money. To earn money you have to be a marketer.

Because without marketing your blog and my blog won’t see the daylight. Forget about traffic from Google. It ain’t happening. Just because there are millions of blogs in every single niche. Any niche you can imagine – there’s a blog on it. So it’s better to be nicheless. Of course that’s not an advice you should take from a n00b blogger like me.

Typically blogs grow in an exponential rate. Sometimes the traffic is flat – without marketing the traffic will be flat. Everyday new people come – some like the blog, some don’t – who cares.

As a blogger – you should care about traffic, but don’t invest money into advertising if you’re not selling anything just because you’ll flush your money.

Experts say that you have to sell from the get go. But in my case – I want to sell banner space so I need about 10 000 daily traffic – that’s not happening anytime soon.

If you want to be a successful blogger – you have to market your blog, there simply isn’t any other way.