I doubt I will have a six pack.

Anyway. I think I won’t have a six pack, but I’m going to the gym to build strength. I will be much stronger than I am now.

I doubt I will have a six pack because my diet sometimes includes pizza and kebab. But I’ll definitely stop using sugar.

I never had a six pack in my life. Would love to have one. But it probably won’t happen due to improper diet.

Anyway. My weight isn’t that bad. I believe my weight should balance itself since I began to move. 🙂

Movement increases metabolism. And metabolism burns calories, as far as I know. Might be not true.

My mood is okay, finally I am achieving something in my life.

Going to the gym isn’t that hard.

Today I was surprised that I could lift 65 kg with my legs. It’s awesome. 🙂

😎 Slowly I am regaining my life which I lost due to schizophrenia. Maybe I will be okay.

I don’t mind not having the six pack. 🙂