I didn’t wait until I was born.

The planet Earth is 4.543 billion years old.

I didn’t wait until I was born. Gotta admit that.

When you’re not living time goes faster. When you weren’t born you was in the matrix construct. The matrix made you. In fact, the matrix made us all.

So many people had to fuck to create us all. We are kinda related. We are related for sure. I know that. I’ve read that somewhere.

Time goes faster as you get older. Time is an interesting phenomenon but the clock doesn’t show time. It shows the planets rotation. We have all hours of the day every single second. The clock is there to synchronise all things. Trains, busses, plains and etc.

I didn’t wait 4 billion years until I was born. I was born instantly. And I have a hunch that this life is meant for me. Meaning, things that happen to me are only for me. Not for you, not for anybody else. It’s kinda strange to be alive, to exist.

Being alive is a great thing. But most people just exist, true life is rare. I would love to travel, to earn money, to be healthy – but that’s not happening. Sorry for being a pessimist. Pessimism is super realism.

Everybody who is born has a death clock. Time is ticking. And we all going to die – sooner or later and that’s a bit disappointing. We are going to go into the matrix contrustruct once again.

But what if, there’s another life? A better life? A greater life? After you’re dead. This life, living, is purposeless and meaningless. Why hope for another, better, life? Maybe next life will be even worse – who knows?

If you didn’t wait to be born for the first time, why wait for a second, better, life? Why wait at all? Don’t wait, just live however you can… and someday you’re going to be dead. Just like us all.

Death gives meaning to life. Life is temporary and that’s a shame.

I don’t wait to be born again. But that’s kinda intriguing.

What will happen – later?