How to take action.

You can think various business ideas. It’s easy to think ideas. Best artists steal their ideas.

Anybody can think of an idea.

But the problem with ideas is that you can think of a brilliant business idea: like asteroid mining.

But how do you take action with such idea? It’s hard to build a star ship without any knowledge.

Take a simple idea which you can execute and take action.

Did you know that many people work for other people? Yeah, they work and after work they don’t do any side hustles. And that’s a shame.

If all people would work on their dreams the world would be different.

You know what’s stopping most people from taking action? Doubt. Yes. Doubt.

Many people think that their idea won’t work. And many people are out of idea. You don’t have to be unique, you just have to be useful. If people can use your knowledge or your ideas, they will repay you in cash. Period.

If you have a dream life, think about it for a second. Would you love to lead that life? Think about things that person should do to get that life.

Personally me, I want to be a paid blogger. I told it hundreds of times and to achieve that I gotta blog, this is what I do right now.

You see I doubted starting my blog. I was kinda scared to lose 60€ per year, but when I started – I realized that it’s the best investment I could make for that kind of cash. It opened my creative space in which you are right now.

So the problem is how do you become your true self. The world can give you so much or so little. It’s just a matter of you asking. The more you ask, the more you get. But you must be willing to take action.

Action creates a reaction, when you don’t take action, there is no reaction. You gotta put yourself out there – to connect with as much people as possible. Sure you have to market yourself, because if you don’t the other guys will outmarket you.

I can tell you one thing – get rid of your doubt and take action, be brave. Rebel if you want. Don’t obey if you can. But capitalism wants us to do sales, the more we sell the better we live.

Money is important. Best way to be in business is to be in business. Adapt, change, twist, shift but get rid of your doubt and take action, don’t be afraid to fail and you will succeed if you will take action – now!