How to set yourself a goal.

Remember that goals should be not too hard and not too easy.

You can only achieve a goal when it’s just right. There can be daily goals or long term goals.

Here I’m talking about creative long term goal.

You see when you have nothing to offer, the easiest thing will be to create something from your inside. For example an info product.

You gotta think 24/7 about your goal, but when you have no goal you don’t have anything to think about.

Goals are there so that you would make progress. If you don’t make daily progress you become one step behind because most people do daily progress. Others who don’t do progress are left behind.

You can’t be a failure if you don’t try anything.

You can pick any goal you like, but if you’ll pick a difficult goal – most likely you won’t achieve it. If you’ll pick something easy, you will be comfortable.

Life can only expand itself when you get uncomfortable.

Get uncomfortable – achieve your goal.