How to earn money while you sleep.

Guys this is just a theory on how to make money while you sleep.

I wrote earlier that I love working with systems. A blog is a system. Youtube is a system.

Systems work 24/7.

To make money while you sleep you have to build a system. The system will need website traffic and with traffic you can sell ads.

As long as the system is working you will be making money, but it’s easier said than done.

The system has to sell. The system has to attract visitors and money. It’s pretty obvious. These days creating a product is easy, you just have to have traffic.

If you’re willing to write and publish your content I can teach you how to make money online. I work with text. I’ve earned money in the past through the web but my sales, donations aren’t constant.

To earn money while you sleep you have to establish a system that attracts visitors and converts the website traffic. Making money while you sleep is really possible but it’s harder to do than to say.

If you don’t do texts, then try making audio or video. Because information is a valuable thing.

Remember to work with editions. Where you create a product and sell it over and over. Only losers sell their time. We have time to live, not to work.

Anyway. when I’ll be earning money while I sleep. I’ll tell you, because currently it’s just a theory.