How to craft more than one story per day.

Writing comes easy for some folks, but for someone who is just starting out, here are few tips.

In writing, quantity makes quality.

The more you write – the better you get.

So permit yourself to write garbage at first. Don’t rewrite the stories and you’ll see that writing is in fact easy.

At first I wrote garbage but over 6 or more years I’ve improved.

Your art has to mature. It takes many years to mature your art.

Anyway. Wipe your head with writing. Look at writing as if was therapy. Create stories that embarrass you, create stories that insult people, create stories that make you proud. Create any story you like.

When I come to this approach. I permit myself to write garbage. Over the years writing has matured a bit. But yet I’m not ready to go into worldwide waters. I think my writing has to become more mature until I’m successful.

The stories you write, never delete them. I made mistakes. I’ve deleted many stories, but not now. I collect them into archives. This blog already has 500+ blog posts. You see that I really enjoy writing.

Writing is therapy. The more you write – the better you get.

So don’t hesitate to write a lot.

The hardest part of writing is actually starting to write. Some people have writer’s block. But try to write as you speak. You never get talker’s block, do you?

This world has many issues to be addressed. There are many things to write about, so don’t hesitate to write.