How to be positive.

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You know positivity is what keeps us going during harsh times. If you want to achieve a goal – you have to be positive.

In the end, negative thinking is what stops you from doing the work you need to do.

Negativity is what pushes away all positive people. No positive person wants to be with a negative one.

Negative people most likely are toxic people. You don’t want to be around a person who is negative and toxic because he will always bring you down. You don’t want to be around people who kill all your ambitions.

If you have strong ambitions – you most likely will achieve your goals if there aren’t people who will talk you out of it.

When you want to quit drinking, smoking and other stuff – did you notice that there are people who will tell you that you can’t do it? That you can’t do it – these are the negative toxic people. You want to stay away from these people. Because all they do is bring you down.

Do you have a big vision? That someday your life will be different? That someday you will be a millionaire or a billionaire? It’s not enough to want – you need to take massive action.

Because without action – there won’t be any results. And here comes the positive thinking.

Positive thinking allows you to move forward. It gets the ball rolling.

When you first start out to be positive it will be hard, because the negative mind will always resist.

How long it took you to develop your negative thinking. 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? You saw that life isn’t something that we are told in school.

Life is harsh and hostile, but did you notice – that all rich people are positive? Look at Nick Vujicic – he has no arms, no legs but therefore he enjoys life, he has a wife and kids. And million dollars.

The thing is. You can stall and be all negative. The choice is yours. It’s really your choice.

Or you can pick an occupation and be all positive about that. The thing is that positivity will make you feel better. Negative people are struggling people. Positive thinking gives you the belief that someday, if you’ll stick to a schedule and will be determined – that you can change your whole life. Sure, you can’t change your life drastically. To change life drastically – you have to adopt drastic changes.You don’t want anything drastic.

Changing your life means changing your behavior. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Look at DDP yoga – they rebuild people. People who can’t walk want to walk and people who walk don’t think about walking as an advantage.

But walking is an advantage. You don’t want to be in a wheelchair, because when you’re in a wheelchair you can’t compete in running.

I know – we’re all different. Some of us can do more than others. But to change yourself to become positive. First you gotta accept your starting point. If you’re disabled like me. You can’t do much. But you can do something that is different.

We all adapt to life.

You have to know that reality, things that surround you, are neither positive, nor negative – they’re neutral. If you see half full bottle or half empty – it’s what determines your worldview.

Your worldview is how you feel about the world. If you had harsh experiences in life – you sure won’t be positive about all that and that’s not your fault.

But positivity is what makes one feel good about life. To get more from life – you gotta deserve. And we all deserve more from life, but not all can compete with this world. In capitalism, life is all about sales – the more you sell – the richer you become.

But riches won’t make you feel good. Sure money is important aspect of life, money is the best antidepressant. If money isn’t important – why all people go to work to earn money, if money isn’t important? Sure money is important – you gotta accept that.

Imagine – you have a goal – to earn money online, like I do. Then I’m forced to think how to get that money. But if I’m not positive and if I’m negative I’m going to create a barrier for myself and say that it’s not possible.

In fact, if you see a person doing what you want to do, then you know it’s possible. There are various businesses around things people love and like. Personally me, I love blogging and writing – even though I don’t see much results. But if I see Stephen King earning a lot of money. I then know it’s possible for me to earn some.

Positivity is what opens your mind to opportunities. This world is dynamic and it’s never depleted of opportunities. Sometimes opportunities are so close to you, right under your nose, but you don’t see them because you look far away.

You read this post, why?

Because you struggle with negative thinking and you know what’s harsh? Being negative is much easier than being positive. Upsetting a person is much easier than lifting the spirit.

Life fucks us all. There isn’t a person who wasn’t upset about life at least once.

Our subjective reality dictates how we feel, you can’t live good and be negative. You can only be negative if you live bad. So there’s a problem.

My duty isn’t to convince you that positivity is what makes a good life, no. First you have to accept your life because you can’t run away from negativity. True positivity is a delusion and if you want a good life, despite bad things happening – you got to be a bit delusional.

Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. It’s the way life is made. We can’t argue about the structure of reality because we don’t know what reality is. We need to accept it. Maybe we are living in the simulation, like Elon Musk and Nick Bostrom are saying. We even don’t know if god exists, over the course of many years we don’t know – some blindly believe that there is god, but when you believe in god, you move personal responsibility to god and you say that god is almighty and everything is his will, other blindly disprove god. But we have to accept that we don’t know – we have to be a bit sceptical and think critically. But it’s our choice to believe or disbelieve. I’m not here to convince that there is god.

Positive thinking is a belief that things will work out later in life, that dots will connect someway somehow. If we knew how our life would end – would we live that life? Life itself is a struggle. We have to accept it.

You want positive thinking to lead a good life. Because we’re all living in our heads. Positive or negative – it’s how you feel about things. Sure if you lose a leg, you can’t be positive and cheer about it. Most of us don’t know the story that is in other people’s minds, we can’t read minds unless somebody does the writing. And everyone is hiding. There isn’t a lot of transparent people. Most people hide themselves. Nobody’s talking and they want to be secure.

Just because when you open up, people gonna insult you for being open. I know this. Showing your insecurities and vulnerabilities is hard. But it gets easier.

You see, when you believe you can move forward. I don’t say ditch your work and pursue your passions because pursuing passions is hard. You’re going to lose money but on the other side – why lead a life you dislike?

Every negative thought has a root, because negative thought is the result of past experiences. But our past does not dictate our future. We don’t know our future. At least yet we don’t.