How to be a realist.

Pessimism is true realism. Being a pessimist isn’t anything bad, it’s just your personal outlook on the world. Realism is made out of pessimism.

The problem with positive thinking is that is delusional. Being positive or negative – doesn’t change the end result. You can be positive about certain things. Things from your past. If you know that you smoked yesterday, you will be positive that you’ll smoke today. If you drinked alcohol half of your life, you gotta be positive because you gonna drink later in life.

While being positive or negative – doesn’t affect your realism. You’re a realist when you accept what’s coming without telling fairy tales to yourself.

If you’re sick with schizophrenia, like I am, you gotta be a realist that you won’t be healed despite how many drugs you take in.

Realism is the true expectation and understanding of the situation. Positive thinkers are delusional, but I’ve never saw a happy guy who’s negative. Negative people struggle with life, they want to be positive but life doesn’t give them a chance. Realists accept things as they are. Realist don’t draw conclusions. It’s the pre conclusion which makes a person negative or positive.

You can conclude, that if you’re 30 years and you spend most of the time indoors at home, the next day you’ll be at home, indoors. That’s realism. But positive thinking is your pre conclusion that someday you won’t be indoors all the time.

Is the bottle half empty or half full? To realist, it doesn’t change the thing. The bottle is half, nor empty, nor full. Positive and negative thinking are just one’s outtakes on life.

To be a realist – you have to accept what is without being delusional about it. Both negativity and positivity are delusions in a world that is neutral. At least in human relationships. If you put yourself out there 33% people will love you 33% gonna hate you for no reason and 34% won’t give a damn. That’s being a realist. Being positive would mean, that all 100% of people will love you and being negative would mean, that all 100% people will hate you.

To be a realist you gotta deny all pre conclusions. Because most people conclute things before the fact. Realists accept that they don’t know if god exists, positive people believe in god, negative don’t. You can’t be negative and believe in god, there are no atheists in sinking ships. Everybody wants to be alive and living, existing.

Survival of the fittest means that people live good when they adapt. Who can adapt to the world are living and who can’t are dead.

Realism is being real and true to yourself, if you are lazy, like me, you gotta accept that you will be lazy all of your life. Lazy people don’t become active unless their environment changes. You can’t change your environment unless you move. Reality adapts to our behavior, we can adapt the world to our needs since nature is harsh, nor beautiful, nor disgusting. You got to accept that.

How do you become a realist?

It’s simple, accept things as they are and don’t wish for life you will never have, because it ain’t happening.