How daily creative schedule can guide you towards winning.

If I’m a writer – I gotta write. Daily.

Did you know that many people don’t have any ambitions? Many people are goalless and aimless.

That’s why many people suck at life.

If you would schedule creative work for a year, even if daily, you would have 365 blogs posts or paintings, or songs or whatever you’re doing.

Successful people have work to do, that’s why they all have schedules.

Speaking about creativity, learning, improvement or anything else. If you would learn just a bit everyday. For example history after a year you would be an expert in history. Of course not everything we read sticks, but whatever.

Many people don’t have schedules, many people don’t do blogging, many people just work. But how about personal business, how about achieving or at least trying to get more out of life. What about that?

Don’t you want to lead a normal life where you don’t have to go to work or do any chores. I know working is a chore – everyone must be working, in some way or another.

Since I’m good at writing. I picked blogging. Maybe will succeed. Maybe not – who knows.

Anyway if you’re into creative work – you need a schedule of things you need to do in order to compete with majority of people.

Remember that all skills are learnable. You can learn to sell. You can learn to write, blog, sing – whatever interests you. But you can’t do it without dedication, purpose and persistence.

Get a creative schedule. And start pursuing your dream life.