Good news.

I’m one week out of the mental hospital. I don’t drink leponex.

I’m kinda okay with cisordinol and quetiapine and xeplion injection.

I’m tired being in mental hospital. Well it was supposed to be good news.

Anyway my psyche is now okay. My mind doesn’t wander.

When I pop those pills my mind completely shuts up. I’m like in a always meditative state.

I’m kinda glad that I’m out of mental hospital. People assume I need help because I whine a lot. People won’t help me, the only thing that could help me is butt load of cash.

And to be honest I need to be in sales. I gotta sell something, but my tactic is to write posts about my life, about schizophrenia, about life in general and hope that visitors will come, then I will sell banner ads on my blog. At least I think I will do it.

Because when living in capitalism you have to sell something. Banner ads is okay but to sell a banner ad you have to have a lot of traffic. I don’t want to buy traffic. I don’t want to spam the web with my link. For some reason I hope that people will come from Google. I heard that it takes 4 years until traffic from Google will come. Google has to understand that my blog is interesting.

Anyway. Don’t be surprised if someday you’ll see a banner ad under a post.

The good news is that I’m alive, still kicking and trying to conquer the web. People shut me up on Youtube, but they won’t shut me up on this website.

People aren’t cheering for my existence. People don’t like, love, me. I’m kinda an enemy of the society.

I know there are many people who feel like aliens in this world. So this blog is for them. Alienated people.

Nobody’s going to prohibit me from getting new visitors, new friends, new acquaintances and maybe some dollars in my pocket.

I want to be a paid blogger so bad. That I think I actually can do it. Sorry I’m not a marketer, I don’t do SEO texts. I just write what pops into my head.

I know that it takes a lot of time to be popular writer, but one has to try. When you’re popular – cash will flow. But to be popular you have to write and that’s easy to do for me.

PS. I send my email to some firms that look for copywriters, but to be honest I rather write my own website instead of working for you guys. I know deep down my throat that you won’t accept me anyway – so fuck you.